Instead of trying to replicate an authentic club night online (you can't), the evening will be embedded in internet culture. Internet culture parallels early rave culture in terms of that it means participation. This evening, DJs will play back-to-back sets 'versus' the audience.

Sound profile

'Hard dance' refers to the harder styles of global dance music. From hardtechno to breakcore to reggaeton with a gabber kick: all good, as long as it can be described as either hard or fast, and preferably both.

For reference, click around on the DJs listed on

Platform: (desktop 💻) is a 'visual chatroom' with avatars, where people can join a DJ queue and play tracks. People can chat and make their avatars dance by upvoting music.

The mobile site sucks, so we want to make sure people show up from their laptops!

You can build a playlist with tracks from Soundcloud. Unfortunately it's impossible to mix tracks, as one would normally do.

LOCATION: (come try it out)

The 'versus' concept

DJs will have a 45 minute time slot to play tracks. The DJ queue will be open, which means that each time the DJ finishes a track, the next person in the queue will get behind the decks and will be allowed to play a track themselves. So it's basically a b2b with the dancefloor.

Slots (work in progress):

??:?? - 20:30: warmup Viva Bas Vegas vs audience

20.30 - 21.15: Dynamic Range versus audience

21.15 - 22.00: Sasha Kills versus audience

22.00 - 22.45: Polly Hertz versus audience

22.45 - 23.30: Egregore versus audience

23.30 - ????: open decks for audience and DJs